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Cixi JBO IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd is China Stainless Steel Bathroom Floor Drainer Manufacturers and OEM Stainless Steel Bathroom Floor Drainer factory. With more than ten years of rich experience in sanitary products, the company enlarges the product series to bathroom accessories, faucets, shower sets, and drainers, which are popular with customers. The company has always valued the customer’s needs as direction and customer satisfaction as standard, committed to providing customers with a full range of services for suitable localized products.
Stainless steel bathroom floor drain is affordable, beautiful in appearance, with superior wear resistance and good temperature resistance. 
Stainless steel bathroom floor drain can also be recycled after being used, which is conducive to the sustainable development of the environment.
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    Reliable Quality

    Made of high-quality material, the product is durable, corrosion-resistant and high. gloss, which is the better choice for your home decoration.

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    Affordable Price

    We have our own factory, direct sales from internal manufacturers, no middleman price difference, and bring more practical products to customers at affordable prices.

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    Provide ODM and OEM customized service, one-stop service to bring you more efficient, accurate, thoughtful service, timely answer your questions.

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Expansion of industry knowledge.

A stainless steel bathroom floor drainer is a type of floor drainer that is made from stainless steel, a metal alloy that contains at least 10.5% chromium, which provides resistance to corrosion and staining. Stainless steel is a popular material for bathroom fixtures due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and attractive appearance.
A stainless steel bathroom floor drainer typically consists of a drain body or basin that is designed to be installed in the floor of a bathroom or shower. The drain body is typically made from stainless steel and is designed with a grille or cover to prevent debris and other objects from entering the drain system.
Stainless steel bathroom floor drainers may also feature additional components such as traps, which are designed to prevent unpleasant odors or gases from entering the space, or strainers, which can help prevent clogs by catching hair or other debris.
Proper installation and maintenance of a stainless steel bathroom floor drainer is essential to ensure it functions properly and prevents water damage or other hazards. Regular cleaning and inspection can help prevent clogs or other issues and ensure the drain system remains in good working order. If you have any concerns or issues with your stainless steel bathroom floor drainer, it is recommended to contact a plumbing professional to address the problem.

There are several advantages to using a stainless steel bathroom floor drainer, including:
Durability: Stainless steel is a strong and durable material that is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it ideal for use in wet environments like bathrooms and showers.
Easy to clean: Stainless steel is a smooth and non-porous material that is easy to clean and maintain. It resists stains and can be easily wiped down with a cloth and mild detergent.
Hygienic: Stainless steel is non-porous, meaning that it does not absorb bacteria, germs, or other contaminants. This makes it a hygienic option for use in bathrooms and showers.
Aesthetically pleasing: Stainless steel has a modern and sleek appearance that can complement a variety of bathroom styles and designs.
Versatile: Stainless steel bathroom floor drains can be used in a variety of applications, including residential and commercial bathrooms, as well as in showers, steam rooms, and other wet areas.
Long-lasting: Stainless steel is a high-quality material that can withstand frequent use and exposure to moisture, ensuring that your bathroom floor drain will last for many years.
Overall, stainless steel bathroom floor drains are a reliable and effective solution for draining water from your bathroom or shower. They offer a number of advantages over other materials, making them a popular choice for homeowners and contractors alike.

Some common issues that may occur with a stainless steel bathroom floor drainer include:
Clogging: When hair, soap residue, and other debris get stuck in the drain, it can cause clogging, which may lead to slow drainage or complete blockage.
Rusting: Although stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, it can still rust in some circumstances, especially if exposed to harsh chemicals or saltwater.
Leakage: A leaking bathroom floor drain can cause water damage to the floor and walls.
To resolve these issues, here are some possible solutions:
Clogging: You can remove hair and debris manually using a pair of pliers or a drain snake. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to dissolve the buildup. Pour the mixture down the drain and let it sit for a few minutes before flushing it with hot water.
Rusting: You can use a stainless steel cleaner or polish to remove rust stains from the surface of the drain. If the rust is severe, you may need to replace the drain.
Leakage: Check the gasket or seal around the drain to make sure it's in good condition. If it's damaged or worn out, you'll need to replace it. You can also tighten the screws or bolts that hold the drain in place to ensure a tight seal.